Our Brands

Though you may not know it, there are Placon packages all around you – you might even see or use one every day! Placon designs and manufactures stock and custom thermoformed plastic packaging for products in the retail industry from toys, household fragrance products, razors, cosmetics to hardware screws, automotive components and sporting goods. You may find our diverse line of thermoformed plastic food packaging products in your refrigerator, purchased from your local supermarket’s deli or bakery aisles. And for the critical medical device market, our custom packaging can be found in hospitals across the globe, safely protecting instruments and implants for life-saving surgical procedures.

Stock food packaging

Placon’s stock, rigid thermoformed food packaging and injection molded round deli containers are designed for maximum shelf appeal and to maximize profit. Our packaging made with HDPE, polypropylene and our own line of EcoStar® branded food-safe recycled PET materials extends shelf life, maximizes visual appeal and safely protects product. View our HomeFresh®, Crystal Seal®, Fresh ‘n Clear™ and Evolutions™ lines of disposable food packaging containers perfect for salads, sandwiches, nuts, muffins and cookies as well as our injection molded packaging perfect for hot fill, freezable and other food applications.

Stock retail clamshells

The original plastic retail clamshell container, the Placon BlisterBox® package is still the undisputed leader of stock clamshell packaging. Our other brands, most available in EcoStar post-consumer recycled material that helps conserve natural resources as well as meet rigid plastic packaging container laws, include our popular GraphicBox®, CurvedBox® and ThisBox® lines.

Barger protective medical packaging

Barger, Placon’s medical division’s branded BargerGard® protective packaging product is produced from a unique polyurethane material that protects products from damage – from porous, sharp and blunt medical components such as needles, screws, and drills to instruments for surgery as orthopedic implants. BargerGard can be customized for our application and is also available in 5 stock gauges.

EcoStar extruded PET rollstock

Placon’s EcoStar brand of thin guage extruded PET rollstock for thermoforming includes products with up to 100% post consumer recycled materials in food (RPET-F™) and non-food grade blends (PC50™), an innovative, patented heat-sealable PET rollstock material, as well as a high clarity print-grade PET roll stock product.

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