With catering, it’s all about presentation, which is why our disposable plastic thermoformed catering trays and bowls are built for maximum visual appeal and maximum profits.

High quality, high performance catering container

Showcase your fresh, delicious party food with Placon’s full line of plastic catering trays  and bowls made with our own line of EcoStar® recycled post-consumer PET from water, soda bottles and thermoformed plastic food and retail containers. Versatile and elegant, Placon’s superior catering tray and bowl design features will put your products from sushi, cut fruits and veggies, sandwiches and baked goods front and center any and everywhere. For samples, click here or call us today at 800.541.1535.

Recycled and 100% recyclable

Do you or your customers feel guilty when throwing big plastic catering party platters and bowls away? Say no to landfill waste by using our recycled and recyclable EcoStar branded catering trays with up to 100% post-consumer recycled content. Using our “disposable” plastic party trays and bowls is a great competitive advantage; let your eco-minded customers know your sustainability stance by using our rPET party platters and plastic catering bowls.

Eliminating landfill waste

Placon diverts over 120,000 pounds of plastic PET water and soda bottles from landfills every day with over 1 billion plastic bottles and thermoforms recycled and converted into our EcoStar line of food and non-food grade rollstock every year. Learn about Placon’s closed loop vision.

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Reducing resource dependence

EcoStar was founded with the belief that the recycling of existing plastic PET packaging, thereby conserving natural resources, is the most responsible solution for the preservation of resources and reduction of PET containers as landfill waste. At full capacity, EcoStar will process 36 million pounds of clean PET bottle and thermoform flake, the equivalent of saving 75,000 barrels of oil.

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