Custom Retail Packaging

In crowded retail markets, packaging needs to stand out on store shelves, show no signs of product damage, create a perceived value in the mind of the customer, and once purchased, be easy to open and even easy to recycle. From concept to commercialization, Placon’s innovative custom retail packaging design and thermoforming expertise means greater shelf impact, positive consumer experiences, high product security and profitable returns.

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Vertically integrated partner

The physical part of your brand and often your customer’s first experience with your product, your packaging design is critical to your product’s success. Vertically integrated to ensure quality and speed to market, we can work hand-in-hand with you to provide creative, out-of-the-box packaging design, rapid prototyping, precision tool design and build, extrusion and world-class thermoforming solutions that reinforce your brand’s image.

Eco-responsible packaging

With no project too complex, we’ve been honored to work with some of the world’s leading consumer electronics, cosmetics, health and beauty, sporting and household goods manufacturers to design and produce custom thermoformed tray, blister and clamshell packaging that truly showcases the product. And with sustainability  an ongoing concern, our customers have been enthusiastic about using recycled, post-consumer PET in their packaging. Our 70K sq. ft. recycling facility reclaims and recycles PET bottles and thermoforms, converting them to rPET for thermoforming creating a closed loop system where plastic packaging is recycled back into plastic packaging. Learn more about EcoStar and our work to reduce our industry’s dependence on petroleum-based virgin plastic packaging materials.


Committed to conserving resources

Over 1 billion discarded consumer PET soda bottles, water bottles and plastic retail and food containers carrying the #1 symbol go through our recycling facility each year. These containers are ground, washed then extruded into our EcoStar brand of PET sheet which is thermoformed back into consumer packaging helping conserve valuable natural resources.

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