Flexible Tooling


A tool manufacturer in Minnesota needed to lower costs on packaging and assembly for multiple low volume products. However, they still wanted as much flexibility as possible designed into the packaging process.

The Solution

After analyzing the problem, the engineering department determined that by grouping the 50 different products by common use and size, they could reduce the number of blisters necessary to nine.

The unique requirements of low volume runs required creating quick changeover tooling. To minimize tooling costs and change over time, the tooling was developed based on a single thermoforming machine so that all the tooling could be rotated quickly and easily during multiple runs.

The adaptable tooling and blister designs gave the customer the flexibility to run multiple products at the same time, the ability to customize graphics and SKU numbers to each run, and minimize tooling costs, helping to lower costs on packaging and assembly while retaining a tremendous amount of flexibility in their packaging process.