Hypertherm has taken aim in protecting its valuable intellectual property and its end customers by creating a means of tamper detection in its packaging design while making the packaging more difficult and costly to reproduce by counterfeiters. The overt methods of tamper-detection were carefully designed by Placon with Hypertherm to allow consumers to authenticate a genuine Hypertherm package from a counterfeit product while detecting whether it’s been tampered with quickly, without the use of any ancillary devices.

The Solution

The clear, recycled plastic clamshell has a secure 360 degree seal with a Placon patented retaining snap feature on the inside of the lid to hold the graphic card in place. Once filled, the package is ultrasonically welded on both sides of the creative hang-hole feature. Once the package is filled and closed, the unique patent-pending design of the hang-hole area is welded, affixing the lid to a perforated area on the base of the thermoform. Once the packaging is opened, the perforated area is broken off of the base, permanently affixing itself to the interior of the lid, “trapping” the graphic card.

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