Medical Storage


A leading medical technology company struggled with the number of handling trays necessary for a component that came in various sizes. This complexity made inventory management difficult and required a lot of storage space.

The Solution

After fully understanding this company’s challenges, Placon created a vision for the medical technology company that included several improvements:

  • Reduction in the number of trays and parts = cost and storage savings
  • Clear packaging = ability to take a visual count of components
  • Tougher packaging materials = greater protection of components during handling

To reduce the part numbers and storage space, a standard footprint for the trays with customized pockets was designed to fit each component, as well as one cover was designed to accommodate all the trays making them easier to handle and store.

The new clear plastic cover allowed for an easy visual count of the components to speed and simplify inventory. In addition, Placon recommended a more durable material that provided better protection for the components.

By developing these solutions, Placon eliminated the customer’s frustrations with better part protection, simpler storage, and an easier inventory management program.