Placon is one of the few companies to reclaim post-consumer thermoforms destined for landfills, processing them into flake, and extruding them into recycled PET roll stock. Because we are using a high percentage of post consumer recycled PET in our rollstock, we’re helping to preserve our natural resources while reducing our total carbon footprint.

Maximizing responsible packaging

Our engineers are continuously working to increase the percentage of recycled content in our plastic food, retail and non-sterile medical device packaging, while maintaining the high quality, high performance and aesthetics you expect from Placon products.

Recycle and replastic

At Placon, we’re committed to continuously understanding the impact our products and business operations have on the environment, which is why we opened the doors to our own, state-of-the-art PET soda bottle and thermoform recycling facility in 2011. Dedicated to the recycling and reuse of plastic, Placon’s EcoStar® line of extruded post-consumer recycled PET rollstock is currently found in some of the world’s top brand owners’ packaging.

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Eliminating landfill waste

Placon diverts over 120,000 pounds of plastic PET water and soda bottles from landfills every day with over 1 billion plastic bottles and thermoforms recycled and converted into our EcoStar line of food and non-food grade PET rollstock every year.

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Reducing resource dependence

EcoStar was founded with the belief that the recycling of existing plastic PET packaging, thereby conserving natural resources, is the most responsible solution for the preservation of resources and reduction of PET containers as landfill waste. At full capacity, EcoStar will process 36 million pounds of clean PET bottle and thermoform flake a year, the equivalent of saving 75,000 barrels of oil.

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