Crystal Seal reFresh

A fresh take on ready-to-go, earth-loving packaging! Our Crystal Seal® reFresh™ tamper-evident packages focus on the food and its freshness with quality designs, secure seals and exceptional clarity.

  • Made from EcoStar® recycled, post-consumer PET bottles
  • 100% recyclable packaging with a unique, tamper-evident hinge design
  • Amazingly versatile packaging – use it upside down, right side up, with multiple kinds and combinations of food

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Crystal Seal reFresh 38 oz. Container

Part#: SW1-000T

Crystal Seal reFresh 10 x 7 Angled Container

Part#: SW1-002T-A

Crystal Seal reFresh 13 oz. Clear Container

Part#: SW2-000T

Crystal Seal reFresh 13 oz. Clear 3 Compartment

Part#: SW2-001T

Crystal Seal reFresh 7 x 6 Angled Container

Part#: SW2-002T-A

Crystal Seal reFresh Angled Wrap Container

Part#: SW2-004T-A

Crystal Seal reFresh 1/8 of 9″ Pie Wedge

Part#: SW3-000T-W

Crystal Seal reFresh Cavity Divider

Part#: SW6-CD

Crystal Seal reFresh Two Compartment Insert Tray

Part#: SW6-T2

Are you looking for something a little more special? 

We offer custom embossing or printing to give your package some extra brand recognition. Or for something completely unique we offer custom design, prototyping to tool design and production services.