Package design & prototyping

Placon’s creative packaging designs balance the functional with aesthetic for maximum protection, appeal and profitability. Our rapid 3D rigid prints give you a visual representation of the package with production-quality Ren mold thermoformed samples available for market testing, validations, drop tests and product fit testing. Learn more about Placon packaging design and prototyping.

Tool design & build

With in-house state of the art CNC machining, Placon’s in-house, expert tool designers and builders are able to create the highest quality prototype and production molds built to the tightest tolerances. Learn more about thermoform tool design and build.


Our in-house extrusion capabilities allow us to retain complete control over the entire packaging process. Placon internally extrudes a variety of different materials, including our own EcoSta branded line of PET material. From heat sealable to print-grade, food grade, and up to 100% post-consumer PET, Placon is one of the leading sources for high optical clarity and high performance extruded PET materials in North America. Learn more

Thin gauge rigid thermoforming

One of the leading thermoformers in North America, Placon delivers unmatched quality thermoforming of custom and stock plastic clamshells, trays and blisters.  Since 1966, we’ve continued to develop new, innovative ways to thermoform materials with the ability to produce thermoforms that many others cannot.  We are one of the few companies to reclaim post-consumer thermoformed packaging, processing it into flake, and extruding it back into new recycled PET sheet for thermoforming applications. Learn more.

Injection molding food packaging

We bring together one of the most reliable lines of stock food packaging in the industry. With choices from thermoforming to injection molding, Placon delivers attractive, smart plastic containers and tubs with a variety of decoration options. Placon injection molds tubs up to 168 oz in HDPE as well as bases in polypropylene (PP) material. Our Value Line’s LLDPE universal lid is available in flush and recessed designs with our tamper-resistant lid available in PP material.

Our people. Part of the package.

The people who work at Placon know plastic, packaging, and problem solving. Their expertise is deep, their experience broad. You benefit directly from their competence, their creativity, and their commitment — to you. Learn more about Placon customer service.

Supply chain management

Placon’s flexible supply chain management services has clear benefits for our customers from accurate forecasting and inventory control to short lead times. Learn more about Placon’s supply chain management services.

Committed to conserving resources

Over 1 billion discarded consumer PET soda bottles, water bottles and plastic retail and food containers carrying the #1 symbol go through our recycling facility each year. These containers are ground, washed, then extruded into our EcoStar brand of PET sheet which is thermoformed back into consumer packaging helping conserve valuable natural resources.

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