Sep 15, 2023
Placon Featured in Plastic Industry Association’s Recycling Is Real Campaign

Placon has announced its participation in the Plastic Industry Association’s (PLASTICS) latest advocacy campaign, Recycling Is Real, dedicated to illustrating and promoting plastic recycling. Recycling Is Real will provide content to help elected officials and policymakers understand that recycling is a vital link of the sustainability and circularity chain, enabling more well-informed decisions about […]

Mar 31, 2023
Placon Awarded Grant to Invest in New Sorting Equipment for Increased PET Recycling

MADISON, WI (April 2023) Placon, a leading designer and manufacturer of custom and stock plastic packaging, has been awarded a grant to catalyze their investment in new front-end sorting equipment. This new equipment will enable Placon to capture around 10% more polyethylene terephthalate (PET) from incoming Material Recovery Facility (MRF) bales, allowing their Madison, WI […]

Dec 19, 2022
New Product Launch: Tamper-evident, sustainable, PET Round Deli!

Placon Releases Tamper-Evident Post-Consumer Round Deli Product Line Madison, WI (December 2022) – Placon continues to be a leader in sustainable, thermoformed packaging innovation with their new Crystal Seal® Cravings™ product line made with recycled PET material. With increasing online grocery and curbside food pick-up, food safety is more important than ever. Tamper-evident packaging allows […]

Oct 20, 2022
EPR: End of Life Responsibilities on Producers

What does it mean, and how to respond to it? By Catherine Haub As the global climate crisis becomes more apparent, laws and regulations are being introduced and passed to ensure that companies are practicing sustainability to the best of their ability, especially when it comes to plastics. Some of these regulations include banning single-use […]

Jul 21, 2022
Flexible vs. Rigid Plastic

Why aren’t all Plastics Recyclable and What is Best for the Environment? By Catherine Haub Plastics play a huge role in our everyday lives as they are in many of the objects we use today such as in our phones, our cars, and so much more. Life without plastic wouldn’t be the same as many […]

Jun 21, 2022
Placon Announces NEW Fresh ‘n Clear Tamper Evident Salad Bowl Family

MADISON, WI (June 2022) – Placon adds a new salad bowl family to its post-consumer content, tamper evident line up. The new line is making a statement to set itself apart by offering a tamper-evident feature and supporting sustainability being made using a minimum 25% EcoStar® post-consumer (PCR) PET material. Ten new products are available […]