Aug 11, 2022
Sustainable Solutions for Medical Packaging

How to Practice Sustainability with Restrictions By Catherine Haub Plastics play an important role in the medical industry, especially since the invention of blister packaging back in the 60s. It can be found in many major medical devices such as prosthetics, portable medical devices, hearing aids, and so much more due to its versatility [1]. Without […]

Aug 4, 2022
OxyStar: Extending Food Shelf-Life

How Can We Keep Food Fresher Longer With Our Packaging? By Catherine Haub Talk of greenhouse gas emissions is rising due to how they change our climate, including global warming. More and more people are looking to lower their carbon footprint by living a more sustainable lifestyle, and one way to do that includes decreasing […]

Jul 28, 2022
Be Aware of Bioplastics

Are Bioplastics Actually Better for the Environment? By Catherine Haub Greenwashing is a common marketing tactic to convince consumers that the products they are purchasing are good for the environment, and a very common strategy is leaving out important information about the products’ sustainability. Take bioplastics for example: the name makes it sound eco-friendly, and […]

Jul 21, 2022
Flexible vs. Rigid Plastic

Why aren’t all Plastics Recyclable and What is Best for the Environment? By Catherine Haub Plastics play a huge role in our everyday lives as they are in many of the objects we use today such as in our phones, our cars, and so much more. Life without plastic wouldn’t be the same as many […]

Jul 14, 2022

What Does Recycled Plastic Really Mean? By Catherine Haub The new R&R: recycled and recyclable. People are looking for items that are eco-friendly, and brands are focusing on marketing themselves around their sustainability practices to appeal to this audience [1]. On many items’ words like “made from recycled material” or “recyclable” are advertised, but do […]

Jul 7, 2022
Are You Ready For New State Recycling Mandates?

How Will New Laws Affect The World Of Plastic? By Catherine Haub Post-consumer recycled, also known as PCR, plastic is important in areas other than just packaging. Due to its importance in sustainability and how beneficial it is to our environment, it’s no surprise that it has been brought up by lawmakers. Throughout the past […]