In an industry that typically relies on non-renewable resources, particularly oil, to create a quality product, Placon stands out as one of the most sustainable thermoformers in North America. Custom PET packages made by Placon also have the option to be made using our EcoStar PET post-consumer recycled material. This means that, unlike most other plastic thermoformers, we are able to preserve the natural resources while still maintaining high product quality (our recycled PET is known to have some of the highest clarity in the industry).

Placon's recycling impact

In fact, the EcoStar facility recycles about 83 lbs. of inbound PET bottles and thermoforms per minute, meaning that Placon is able to divert over 120,000 lbs. of PET containers from landfills every day. Per year, all of this adds up to over 1 billion containers recycled – that’s enough PET water bottles and thermoforms to wrap around the earth 4 times! Because each ton of plastic bottles recycled means saving 3.8 barrels of oil, the amount of PET we recycle and remake into thermoformed packaging adds up to conserve more than 75,000 barrels per year.

What can I do?

Have you seen “Made with ecostar” on the bottom of any of your PET food or retail containers? If so, you’re already supporting brands that use post-consumer recycled material in their packaging. Upon using that container or package, we hope that you recycled it. This helps to close the loop on reusing PET and reducing your carbon footprint. You are doing your part to save our planet and support the reuse of PET materials, diverting bottles and thermoforms from landfills.

Consumer education

Consumer education is making a difference in the recycling and reuse of PET containers; however, more PET and other recyclables can actually be recycled. Knowledge of regional regulations on recycling, as well as recycling codes that are located on the bottoms of containers, is important (PET is the “1” symbol surrounded by the chasing arrows). Almost 100% of Americans have access to some type of recycling method – whether it be curbside pick-up or a drop-off location – and each household in the USA uses an average of 45 lbs. of PET plastic bottles and containers per year. Imagine the environmental impact if everyone recycled all of those used PET products.

Decrease litter and preserve resources

Placon is advocating for a change in perspective towards “disposable” or “single-serve” plastic containers. Many people tend to think of this plastic as garbage, which means that many recyclable containers and packages end up in landfills. Do your part to decrease litter and preserve resources by placing your used PET packages in the nearest recycling can, while encouraging others to do the same! Take action – one bottle or thermoform recycled means one less in a landfill.

Placon featured articles

Maximizing responsible packaging

Our engineers are continuously working to increase the percentage of recycled content in our plastic food, retail and non-sterile medical device packaging, while maintaining the high quality, high performance and aesthetics you expect from Placon products.