Placon is one of the only thermoformers in North America with a true vertically integrated process.  By extruding material in-house we’re able to retain complete control over the quality, performance and aesthetics of the material.

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Recycled has never looked better

At Placon, we’re committed to creating resource-responsible extruded rollstock for thermoforming applications. Whether FDA LNO food or non-food grade, our in-house recycling center allows us to reclaim post-consumer, curbside collected PET bottles and used thermoform containers, and turn them into 100% extruded, EcoStar® branded recycled rollstock for new thermoformed packaging containers – truly closing the loop.

Recycling thermoformed packaging

Unlike most other thermoformers with in-house recycling/extrusion capabilities, Placon’s recycling facility is able to accept, recycle and extrude post-consumer thermoforms, not just PET plastic water and soda bottles.

In 2011, thermoforms accounted for 20% of PET packaging generated in North America. In 2013 we reported recycling of nearly 3 million lbs of thermoforms since 2011. Our progressive recycling and reuse of thermoforms (or T2T recycling) efforts allows us to divert over 1 billion thermoforms and PET soda and water bottles from landfills each year.

Committed to recycling and reuse

At Placon, we are committed to continuously understanding the impact our products and business operations have on the environment which is why we opened the doors to our own, state-of-the-art PET water, soda bottle and thermoform recycling facility in 2011. Dedicated to the recycling and reuse of PET (Link to Sustainability), Placon’s EcoStar® line of extruded post-consumer recycled rollstock is currently found in some of the world’s top brand owners’ packaging.

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