Food Processors

From cost-effective custom packaging design services to a wide breadth of thermoformed and injection molded stock food container container sizes and shapes available. Placon, a top 20 North American thermoformer according to Plastics News, provides the processor market with packaging designed specifically for automated production lines.


Custom processor packaging

Placon designs and produces custom plastic food containers for some of the world’s largest brands! Our plastic packaging is made to maximize our customers’ profits by attractively highlighting the product inside, while also minimizing the end user’s difficulty of use. With experienced in-house design engineers, state-of-the-art robotics, and inline thermoformers, we can create the best packaging solution for you – give us a product, and we’ll make it a package.

Stock processor food packaging

Designed and produced to ensure filling and operational efficiencies, our stock packaging makes food look as fresh on shelves and at home as when it was first packaged. Combining aesthetics and functionality, our catering trays and bowls, tamper-evident and sustainable food packaging is perfect for candies, nuts, fresh fruit, veggies and pre-packaged salads with customizable package options available to maximize branding.

Quality you can trust

Placon’s custom and stock food packaging have a reputation of quality in the industry as well as the highest customer service. In addition Placon offers:

  • ISO 9001 certified (Madison, WI and Plymouth, MN)
  • AIBI inspected (Madison, WI)
  • Choice of thermoform and injection molded containers in PP, HDPE, PET, APET, RPET
  • Recycling, extrusion and thermoforming of post-consumer recycled PET from thermoforms and bottles
  • Anti-fog technology
  • GMP procedures in all locations
  • RFA and NACS membership

Committed to conserving resources

Over 1 billion discarded consumer PET soda bottles, water bottles and plastic retail and food containers carrying the #1 symbol go through our recycling facility each year. These containers are ground, washed then extruded into our EcoStar brand of PET sheet which is thermoformed back into consumer packaging helping conserve valuable natural resources.

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