Two words: Maximize Profit. Our stock and custom thermoformed food packaging is designed to protect product while driving sales in the bakery, deli and specialty gourmet departments. From anti-fog lids, recycled content, tamper-evidence, easy denesting, tight seals and high clarity, our disposable food packaging offer the features that supermarkets require and consumers desire.

Deli-licious food packaging

Placon rigid thermoformed and injection molded packaging is found in deli departments and club stores across the country, protecting products from pre-packaged salads, catered trays, cut fruits and veggies, ready-to-eat entrees and rotisserie chickens. Our disposable plastic products offer strong and easy merchandising with tight seals, high clarity, anti-fog lids and tamper-evident and sustainable food packaging designs. Placon offers decorating services from dry-offset printing and labeling to custom embossing to maximize brand awareness.

Bakery department packaging

Baked goods can’t be passed by with our high clarity packaging for frosted and unfrosted cookies, brownies, cupcakes, bars, croissants and more. High quality, customizable packaging is designed to protect and visually merchandise delicious bakery items.

Specialty and gourmet packaging

High quality packaging equates to high quality food. From high-end nuts, dried fruits, olives, gourmet chocolates, specialty cheeses and candies, our custom designed and stock food packaging is smartly designed to impart a high-end look at cost-effective prices.

Quality you can trust

Placon’s custom and stock food packaging have a reputation of quality in the industry as well as the highest customer service. In addition Placon offers:

  • ISO 9001 certified (Madison, WI and Plymouth MN)
  • AIBI Inspected (Madison, WI)
  • SQF certified
  • Choice of thermoform and injection molded containers in PP, HDPE, PET, APET, RPET
  • Recycling, extrusion and thermoforming of post-consumer recycled PET from thermoforms and bottles
  • Anti-fog technology
  • GMP procedures in all locations
  • RFA and NACS membership

Eliminating landfill waste

Placon diverts over 120,000 pounds of plastic PET water and soda bottles from landfills every day with over 1 billion plastic bottles and thermoforms recycled and converted into our EcoStar line of food and non-food grade rollstock every year.

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Reducing resource dependence

EcoStar was founded with the belief that the recycling of existing plastic PET packaging, thereby conserving natural resources, is the most responsible solution for the preservation of resources and reduction of PET containers as landfill waste.

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