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At Placon we measure our success by yours. With crowded retail store shelves, your product has to fight for attention. Packaging is usually one of the last considerations when getting your product to market, however, it plays an integral role in not only your profitability but in how your customers perceive your brand.

Our wide selection of stock clamshell packaging sizes and shapes give you off-the-shelf, ready to ship options that fit your specific product’s form, fit and function.  And our sustainable clamshell options, containing up to 100% EcoStar® post-consumer recycled content, helps us divert and recycle over 1 billion plastic PET bottles and containers each year. View our full stock retail clamshell packaging brochure.

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Need some samples? Start your plastic packaging search by using our stock clamshell product finder. Need help understanding our dimensions? View our step-by-step video or contact us for a thorough assessment of your product.

Committed to recycling and reuse

At Placon, we are committed to continuously understanding the impact our products and business operations have on the environment which is why we opened the doors to our own, state-of-the-art PET water, soda bottle and thermoform recycling facility in 2011. Dedicated to the recycling and reuse of PET, Placon’s EcoStar® line of extruded post-consumer recycled rollstock is currently found in some of the world’s top brand owners’ packaging.

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