Prevalidated Packaging

  The Placon VPAK is the packaging solution designed to bring new products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

  • A premium quality, universal packaging system for small medical devices and components.

Speed To Market

  Since the VPAK is a pre-existing solution with a universal design, you can bring your product to market quicker and reduce costs with no design or tooling needs.
We've done the work for you

Barger Packaging Partner

  BargerGard┬« is a Polyurethane (TPU) material that is die-cut, welded and/or formed to protect the sterile barrier and the medical instruments and components from hip stems and catheters to needles and screws from damage.

  • To accommodate the large depth and breadth of implants it can hold, two unique BargerGard liners were engineered.
  • Both liners are designed with fold-over hinged lids with holes exposed for EtO sterilization.

Packaging Partner

  Placon VPAK is already in the field, meeting the needs of medical device OEMs, hospitals, and clinicians.

  • Intuitive single or double-sterile
    barrier system
  • Rigid design ensures strong
    product protections
  • Easy to use for smooth aseptic transfer
Let's Work Together


The Placon VPAK system is proven to maintain sterility of medical implants through distribution to end use. The system diminishes financial and other obstacles in the packaging process, reducing time to get small implants to market faster and more cost-effectively than custom-designed packaging.