Custom Retail Packaging

Retail packaging is a delicate balance of designing in sustainability without diminishing shelf appeal, of protecting product while reducing unnecessary material, of being easy to open yet not welcome pilferage. Placon’s vast and rich thermoform packaging design and manufacturing experience ensures that your customer’s first response to your product’s packaging is a positive one.

Packaging: concept to launch

Placon’s vertical integration means that we can provide all the services brand owners need for their packaging solutions, including creative design, rapid prototyping, in-house tool design and build, extrusion, and a hard-working customer support team to assist with the process. Our commitment to collaboration means that we will work tirelessly to create a package that maximizes satisfaction for both brand owners and the end user.

Committed to conserving resources

At Placon, we are committed to continuously understanding the impact our products and business operations have on the environment which is why we opened the doors to our own, state-of-the-art PET water, soda bottle and thermoform recycling facility in 2011. Dedicated to the recycling and reuse of PET, Placon’s EcoStar® line of extruded post-consumer recycled rollstock is currently found in some of the world’s top brand owners’ packaging.

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