Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes

Placon’s Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes recycled PET square or “cubed” containers can be combined with our universal 2, 3 or 4-compartment insert trays to offer more versatility and merchandising options than you’ve ever had from a thermoformed food container. Select GoCube bases are compatible with our SnackCube on-the-go tray and can be used as an insert to hold your ingredients to use when ready. Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 6 ounces up to 80 ounces. GoCubes bases can be used alone or with an insert tray letting you separate and highlight specific ingredients while keeping foods looking better and lasting fresher, longer. The inside fit or over cap lid options made from our EcoStar post-consumer, 100% recyclable PET offers you a secure seal with easy
opening tabs and anti-fog technology.

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Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes 10 oz. Clear Base

Part#: CC1-10

Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes 12 oz. Clear Base

Part#: CC1-12

Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes 16 oz. Clear Base

Part#: CC1-16

Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes 24 oz. Clear Base

Part#: CC1-24

Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes 32 oz. Clear Base

Part#: CC1-32

Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes 36 oz. Clear Base

Part#: CC1-36

Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes 32 oz. Clear Base

Part#: CC2-32

Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes 48 oz. Clear Base

Part#: CC2-48

Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes 64 oz. Clear Base

Part#: CC2-64

Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes 80 oz. Clear Base

Part#: CC2-80


Fresh n Clear GoCubes Clear Insert Tray

Part#: CC1-T1

Fresh n Clear GoCubes Clear 2-Comp Tray

Part#: CC1-T2


Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes Clear Lid

Part#: CC1-L1-IF

Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes Clear Overcap Lid

Part#: CC1-L2-OC

Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes Clear Inside Fit Lid

Part#: CC2-L1-IF

Fresh ‘n Clear GoCubes Clear Over-Cap Lid

Part#: CC2-L2-OC

Fresh ‘n Clear™ SnackCube™ Inside Fit Lid

Part#: SC1-LIF

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