HomeFresh Entrée

Placon’s HomeFresh Entrée containers bring premium design, a new modern look, and unsurpassed functionality to hot meal offerings. Available in 9 sleek, effortless stacking sizes from 8 to 40 ounces, the microwavable containers include unique stacking features and allows the products to double stack and inter stack together. Perfectly sized to fit into standard small and large carryout bags, the containers won’t slide and spill due to their deep snap grooves permitting the lids to close securely with an audible snap, but easily open with large tabs. The sealable containers include a variety of lid options, including an EcoStar® PET option.

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HomeFresh Entrée 12 oz. Black Base

Part#: CH1-12

HomeFresh Entrée 16 oz. Black Base

Part#: CH1-16

HomeFresh Entrée 8 oz. Black Base

Part#: CH1-8

HomeFresh Entrée 16 oz Black Base

Part#: CH2-16

HomeFresh Entrée 24 oz. Black Base

Part#: CH2-24

HomeFresh Entrée 32 oz. Black Base

Part#: CH2-32

HomeFresh Entrée 40 oz. Black Rectangular Base

Part#: CH3-1-40

HomeFresh Entrée 2-Compartment Black Base

Part#: CH3-2

HomeFresh Entrée 3-Compartment Black Base

Part#: CH3-3

HomeFresh Entrée 3-Compartment Angled Black Base

Part#: CH3-3A


HomeFresh Entrée Polypropylene Lid Small – Clear

Part#: CH1-10L

HomeFresh Entrée PET Lid Small – Clear

Part#: CH1-20L

HomeFresh Entrée Polypropylene Lid Large – Clear

Part#: CH2-10L

HomeFresh Entrée PET Lid Large – Clear

Part#: CH2-20L

HomeFresh Entrée CH3 Lid No Vent

Part#: CH3-1-10L

HomeFresh Entrée CH3 Lid Vented

Part#: CH3-1-10LV

HomeFresh Entrée CH3 PET Lid No Vent

Part#: CH3-1-20L

HomeFresh Entrée CH3 2-Compartment Lid No Vent

Part#: CH3-2-10L

HomeFresh Entrée CH3 2-Compartment Lid Vented

Part#: CH3-2-10LV

HomeFresh Entrée CH3 PET 2-Compartment Lid No Vent

Part#: CH3-2-20L

HomeFresh Entrée CH3 3-Compartment Lid No Vent

Part#: CH3-3-10L

HomeFresh Entrée CH3 3-Compartment Lid Vented

Part#: CH3-3-10LV

HomeFresh Entrée CH3 PET 3-Compartment Lid No Vent

Part#: CH3-3-20L

HomeFresh Entrée CH3 3-Compartment Angled Lid No Vent

Part#: CH3-3A-10L

HomeFresh Entrée CH3 3-Compartment Angled Lid Vented

Part#: CH3-3A-10LV

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