Secure Medical Shipping


A designer and manufacturer of innovative medical devices presented Placon with the challenge of creating a medical tray to secure products during shipping and handling. The medical device also had to be easily accessible when used by health care professionals.

The Solution

Keeping in mind the end user of the package, Placon developed a medical tray with a dual locking system for secure shipping and handling.

While the packaging is easily opened, the medical device remains securely in the tray thanks to the locking tabs. When the health care professional is ready to remove the device, the die cut lockdown tabs provide an easier release than snap-in or undercut features.

Another key component was the tooling design. To achieve the same packaging status, Placon created a tool designed to allow multiple medical devices of various sizes and weights to be contained.

This design reduced the number of tools necessary for the various parts and ultimately resulted in fewer setups, reduced part costs and a streamlined process.