National Recycling Day

November 16, 2023

November 15th is National Recycling Day, also known as America Recycles Day, which is a day that celebrates and recognizes efforts across the country. This is a day for not only participating in recycling but also educating on the importance of recycling and what can and cannot be recycled. This day is a time for communities and businesses to remember the significance of conserving resources, reducing waste, and helping the environment [1]. Across the country, there are many different events in many communities promoting recycling and its benefits [1]. The holiday was first celebrated in 1997 and created by the National Recycling Coalition, an organization that focuses on promoting recycling across the United States [1]. Over the years, the day has become celebrated to encourage recycling every day. With 60% of trash that can be recycled ending up in landfills, it is important to educate and advocate for recycling [1].

Recycling is very important for several reasons; it ensures that resources aren’t wasted, resulting in saved energy along with the saved resources [2]. Having to use virgin materials is incredibly energy intensive; recycling one aluminum can results in enough energy saved to run a TV for 3 hours [1]! Recycling also helps when it comes to creating a circular economy by reducing waste and ensuring items are being repurposed.

Though National Recycling Day is incredibly important in raising awareness and education on the importance of recycling, this shouldn’t be the only day when this occurs. Recycling should happen every day and is essential when it comes to creating a circular economy, especially in the world of plastics. In 1988, the recycling code system for plastics was created to help identify the different plastic resins [2]. This is used to help identify which items can be recycled and which ones can’t.

National Recycling Day is an important day, and Placon is proud to celebrate this day. Every minute we recycle 83 pounds of PET thermoforms, resulting in an estimated 961,000,000 PET bottles being recycled this year! We recognize the importance of recycling and are proud to play a role in the process.

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