Recycling Impacts on Communities

December 14, 2023

Recycling has many positive environmental impacts such as reducing pollution and reducing the need for brand-new materials. Recycling goes far beyond the environmental benefits, though. Recycling creates many positive impacts on communities and those who live in them for several reasons including health benefits, savings, and creating jobs to help stimulate the economy. With all of the benefits of recycling, it is important to promote it within communities through education and outreach so those in the community know the benefits and how to properly do it.  

With the many positive environmental impacts of recycling, this results in many health benefits for those in the surrounding community. Landfills contribute greatly to the release of greenhouse gas emissions, specifically methane which is 25 times more effective and trapping heat compared to carbon dioxide [1]. Other gases released from landfills contribute to smog [2]. Living close to landfills also leaves those with a higher chance of illness and brings down the value of the area that is close to the landfill due to odors, smoke, bugs, and noise [2]. Recycling is one of the main ways to reduce the need for landfills, and by reducing landfills their negative impacts are also reduced like air and water pollution [1]. 

Savings on costs and energy in the community are another positive impact of recycling [3]. To have materials be landfilled, there are many costs associated with picking up the materials which can add up. With an efficient recycling program, these costs are reduced as there is less reliance on landfilling materials. Tax credits can also be applied in some states to promote communities switching to greener practices like recycling [3]. 

By creating more recycling facilities, more jobs are created for those in the area as a result. When compared to landfilling, there is a lot more prepping of the materials which is much more labor intensive, and landfilled materials do not undergo any sort of preparation before disposal [3]. Because of this, the recycling industry needs 10 times more people when compared to the traditional waste disposal industry [1]. More jobs help stimulate the local economy as those in the community have more money to spend. 

Because of the benefits that recycling has on the community, it is important to promote them through education and outreach. Getting the community to participate in recycling is key to ensuring its success within the community. Not only is participation important, but education on what can and cannot be recycled through curbside along with where the nearest facility is to drop off materials is also key to having a successful community recycling program. To learn more about this, read our post Placon: Promoting Recycling to the Community


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