Our Commitments

Creating a sustainable future, working together to create positive, meaningful change are commitments anchored into our long-term strategy. As a certified member of Wisconsin’s Green Tier program, Placon consistently works to understand the impact our business operations have on the environment. With a long history of environmental stewardship and with numerous advancements in PET recycling and processing, Placon continues to push ourselves and the industry in supporting the ongoing, continuous recycling of post-consumer, PET plastic packaging.

EcoStar products – creating a sustainable future

To further advancements in recycling PET bottle and thermoform plastic packaging, as well as to control quality, Placon opened its own 70K sq. ft. recycling facility next to its corporate headquarters in 2011. Dedicated to reclaiming discarded plastic PET soda and water bottles as well as thermoformed containers, the facility washes and grinds the plastic, turning it into new food-grade and non-food grade recycled rigid roll stock for thermoforming helping to close the loop on PET plastics recycling. Despite complexities in the PET thermoform recycling process, our EcoStar® branded extruded thin gauge sheet has included flake from recycled PET thermoforms as a component of its roll stock blends with exceptional results.

Reducing dependence on natural resources

EcoStar was founded with a commitment to the belief that the recycling of existing plastic PET packaging is the most responsible solution for the preservation of resources and reduction of PET containers as landfill waste. In addition, we are committed to:

  • Creating the highest quality and clarity recycled PET roll stock for thin-gauge rigid plastic thermoforming applications. We are committed to using the highest percentage of post-consumer content while never diminishing the performance and aesthetics of our EcoStar material
  • Improving our environmental performance record through our reclamation and recycling efforts, emission reductions as well as community educational programs. View our efforts in the  WI Green Tier Program.
  • Decreasing our waste to landfill while increasing recycling rates.
  • Reducing our internal energy usage through the use of TS lamps, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s), high power air compressors and internal educational programs.


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