Our Process

Placon’s EcoStar material was founded with the belief that the recycling of existing PET containers is the responsible solution for the preservation of resources and reduction of landfill waste. With up to 100% recycled content and the highest clarity post-consumer recycled PET material in the industry, products made with EcoStar sheet deliver on both quality requirements and eco-friendly objectives.

Uniquely Green: Placon is one of the few companies in North America that reclaims both post-consumer bottles and thermoforms to be recycled. This allows Placon to further reduce our carbon footprint in a unique and responsible way.


PET can be easily identified by the #1 resin identification code. Think of those chasing arrows surrounding the #1 symbol on the back or bottom of your plastic bottles, food, and retail packaging.


The round and round recycling we do is called ‘closed loop’. It loops and loops from PET bottles and thermoformed packaging back into plastic packaging, which, after use, will hopefully be recycled again. Closed loop recycling is fundamental to conserving resources.


Placon diverts approximately 1 billion post-consumer PET bottles and thermoforms from landfills per year – enough plastic to wrap around the world four times. Now that’s eco-friendly.

The 6-Part EcoStar Loop

Interested in knowing a little bit more about how Placon manages to transform over 120,000 lbs. of used, post-consumer PET bottles and thermoforms per day? The steps to our recycling process are actually all part of a recycling loop, which is dependent on eco-conscious consumers like you to keep going!

Recycle: The PET products are recycled by consumers

Collect: The recycling is collected curbside

Bale: The recycling is diverted from landfills and put into tightly compressed bundles, also known as bales

Sort: Placon purchases bales of PET bottles and thermoforms for our facility where they are separated to find usable materials

Transform: The usable material is ground into flake and extruded into EcoStar post-consumer recycled PET sheet

Thermoform: The post-consumer recycled PET sheet is thermoformed into new packaging

The loop begins again when the Placon post-consumer recycled PET packaging container is recycled, keeping the loop going and preserving resources.

Learn more

If you’re looking for a more technical description of how we transform post-consumer PET into new extruded material, take a peek at our facility in-action by watching our video.