Placon’s Crystal Seal® reFresh® Parfait Line Creates Endless Possibilities

January 31, 2020

Placon continues to raise the bar in food packaging by introducing their new Crystal Seal® reFresh® Parfait Line. The new parfait line is making a statement to setup itself apart by offering a tamper-evident feature and supporting sustainability by being made using 75% or more of Placon’s EcoStar® post-consumer PET material and is 100% recyclable.

The parfait product line is offering a variety of features that keep your products safe, allow for increased shelf visibility in combination with stacking or inverting the base to become the lid. Each cup has been engineered to incorporate a tamper-evident feature to ensure product inside stays safe until consumer purchase. Each cup comes in a flat, dome or pedestal lid option to provide merchandising flexibility depending on the product in each cup. With a single and two-compartment insert tray options and a lid insert, you can now keep your wet or dry ingredients separated from the main cup portion until ready for consumption. This is perfect for storing your granola in the lid, using the lid insert and then adding to your yogurt parfait when ready to mix. The pedestal base cup has the option to invert, making a great option to put dips or sauces in the bottom portion and highlight the main product on the shelf.

When it comes to merchandising, the parfait line is in a class by itself. With the ability to stack the flat or pedestal cups and extra area in the dome lid to highlight that decadent whipped cream on a cheesecake parfait. Each cup fits securely into a car cup holder to support convenience and on-the-go lifestyles. Whether you are grabbing carrots and ranch for your kids to eat in the car or enjoying that creamy yogurt parfait during your lunch hour. The parfait line gives you a variety of options from savory to dessert and everything in between. Made using Placon’s EcoStar® post-consumer PET and is 100% recyclable, there is no better parfait packaging solution.

“With the new parfait line, we are able to offer our customers a unique set of features and authentic sustainability story to support a truly better packaging experience,” said Ben Brummerhop, Placon’s Stock Food Sales Manager.

The new parfait line is available in 8-ounce or 12-ounce cup sizes with flat lid, dome lid or pedestal lid options. Insert options are available in a single or two-compartment option, along with an inside lid insert option to keep your wet or dry ingredients fresh until ready for consumption.

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