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Jan 19, 2023
Environmental Savings Calculator

How to Track Your Impact By Catherine Haub As sustainability is becoming more of a factor when it comes to purchasing an item, it is important to know what impact your product has on the environment as a study shows that 78% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product that is labeled as […]

Jan 12, 2023
Say Goodbye to Single-Use Plastics

Introducing Circular Plastics By: Catherine Haub New Year means new terminology! As we move towards the future, some things are better left in the past. The term “single-use plastic” is used broadly to define plastics as a whole, but it sheds a bad light on recyclable plastics! As we move towards a more circular economy, […]

Jan 5, 2023
Chemical Recycling

Could this be the solution to the plastic pollution problem? Recycling plastic is a complicated process due to the different kinds of plastic and how they all can’t simply go into a recycling bin. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if we threw every piece of plastic into a recycling bin and did not have […]