CoverGirl Ultra Smooth


In packaging design, innovation can be in the form of hundreds of small iterations. What some may consider minutiae improvements to a design, those in the packaging profession can fully appreciate the innovation and meticulous reengineering and revision to both the aesthetic and structural features of a package from start to final launch. It’s the small steps towards packaging “perfection” in a new packaging design project – feeding, growing and molding an idea until it exceeds the customer’s final expectations for a truly successful product launch. The CoverGirl Ultra Smooth foundation and applicator package is a thermoformed blister designed to hold 12 foundation shades/SKUs packaged in a tube along with a silicone foundation applicator.

The Solution

The packaging features an identical/common trim tool with matching outside geometries allowing for one, versus two, trim sets. The geometry was designed to ensure an exact lid to base fit punctuated by a tight “snap’ feature. Designed to be duo-purposed, the aggressive undercut design also provides easy denesting of the lid and base when stacked for automated assembly.  The undercuts lowered final packaging costs since no adhesive application was required to seal or weld the container due to the secure, tight fit. Although the undercut design ensured the packaging wouldn’t pop open during drop tests, it still allows for ease of consumer opening with grip/pull tabs on the bottom of the blister for a no scissors required, sleek cosmetic package.

The packaging was designed to stand in trays and self-fronting merchandising displays. The foundation tube was designed with a larger trim than the self-fronting shelf specification allowed at one major retailer. To address this issue, the packaging was designed so that the tube could be angled within the packaging in an aesthetically pleasing and functional way.

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