Gillette Venus


Gillette has been long known for their innovative packaging designs, and the Venus razor packaging project was no exception. Packaging requirements included creating a PVC-free package design with post-consumer recycled content that is easy to open by the consumer.

The Solution

To produce an easy open feature, Placon designed a finger access slot on the blister. The slot with the formed feature allows the consumer to easily bend the top formed part back 180 degrees. This action allows the consumer to easily slide the inner tray out without the consumer ever touching the perforations.

The package’s inner carrier tray is a unique thin-gauge thermoform. Both sides of the inner tray are utilized to retain the razor’s components on multiple planes in multiple sized cavities. The interior tray is produced with up to 100% post-consumer recycled EcoStar® material from Placon’s own in-house reclamation and recycling facility.

The complexity of the product design required innovative manufacturing techniques that integrated a curved and sealed blister flange into the finished packaging. In order to meet Gillette’s design requirements, precise 3D machining of the thermoform molds using our in-house tool build capability was needed.

With instant shelf impact, the package delivers a “wow” factor in a sea of women’s razor products.

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