Gillette Fusion with FlexBall


For its newest addition to the popular men’s Fusion® ProGlide® line, Gillette takes the previously used sustainable bamboo pack and matches it with an ultra-clear, easy open thermoformed blister designed in collaboration with and manufactured by Placon. When designing packaging with Gillette’s PackDev group, aesthetic design is important in ensuring maximum shelf appeal, utilizing recycled content is necessary in meeting P&G’s 2020 sustainability goals while creating packaging with effortless ease of opening is always required. These elements when brought together make Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall technology packaging as refreshingly striking in appearance as it is sustainable and easy to open.

The Solution

In North America, the razor packaging is designed with a recyclable clear blister that’s heat sealed to a vivid graphic card and base. A 360° perforation skirts the periphery of the thermoform. The opening tab located at the top of the package gives instructions via an embossed downward pointing arrow. Once the tab is lifted and pulled, the raised portion of the thermoform smoothly and completely lifts off the perforations, no scissors required. The unique design uses complex matched metal tooling, a competency that sets Placon tool design apart.

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