Placon is a pioneer in post-consumer recycled solutions and leads the way in helping companies create responsible packaging. Placonomics articles will serve to educate and create conversations around the progress to a circular economy in packaging.

JULY 5: Am I Susceptible to Greenwashing?

In this blog, we explain what greenwashing looks like in the PET thermoforming world and how you can spot it!

July 7: Are You Ready For New State Recycling Mandates?

In this blog, we talk about what new regulations are coming down the pipeline and how you can prepare for them!

July 14: PCR vs. PIR

In this blog, we talk about theĀ  differences between post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastic!

July 21: Flexible vs. Rigid Plastic

In this blog, we explain the differences between flexible and rigid plastics, how to dispose of them, and which is better for the environment!

July 28: Be Aware of Bioplastics

In this blog, we discuss how bioplastics may not be as eco-friendly as we previously thought!

August 4: Extending Food Shelf-Life

In this blog, we discuss the damage of food waste and how plastic can help reduce the amount of food wasted, benefitting everyone!